Norac References - Cruise, Commercial Vessels, Offshore
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With all the Norac companies combined we have more than 50 years of experience within our field. In addition by housing all these products from the 5 sites we can, as one of very few, offer a single source supply of 100% inhouse made products.


The integration between the various products is taken care of by our engineering teams to secure a supply with minimum frustration.

Of all the ships sailing today we are proud to say that you may very well find one or several of Norac´s products and as one of the key suppliers to the industry we keep on adding to our reference list.

Jos. L. Meyer GmbHSaga Cruises7142019
Jos. L. Meyer GmbHAIDA CruisesAIDAnova6962018
Jos. L. Meyer GmbH / EMS PreCabRoyal Carribean InternationalSpectrum of the Seas7002018
Kleven Verft ASHurtigrutenRoald Amundsen4002018
Jos. L. Meyer GmbHNorwegian cruiselineNorwegian Joy6942017
Jos. L. Meyer GmbH / EMS PreCabNorwegian cruiselineNorwegian Bliss7072017
Jos. L. Meyer GmbH / EMS PreCabStar cruisesWorld Dream7122017
Jos. L. Meyer GmbH / EMS PreCabStar cruisesGenting Dream7112016
Jos. L. Meyer GmbH / EMS PreCabRoyal Carribean InternationalOvation of the Seas6992016
Jos. L. Meyer GmbH / EMS PreCabRoyal Carribean InternationalAnthem of the Seas6982015
Jos. L. Meyer GmbH / EMS PreCabRoyal Carribean InternationalNorwegian Escape6932015
Jos. L. Meyer GmbH / EMS PreCabRoyal Carribean InternationalQuantum of the Seas6972014
Jos. L. Meyer GmbH / EMS PreCabRoyal Carribean InternationalLangeland5302013
NavshipEdison Chouest Offshore1422018
Kleven verftMaerskMaker3872018
Kleven verftMaerskMover3862018
Ulstein Verft ASColor LineColor Hybrid3112018
Emar servicesBritish Columbia Ferry ServicesNorthern Seawolf2018
Lido marine422018
Lido marine412018
Fitjar MekaniskeKystverketOV Ryvingen402018
LA ShipEdison Chouest OffshoreChampion3252017
LA ShipEdison Chouest OffshoreChallenger3262017
ViknaslipenVikahav ASVikabas442017
North AmericanEdison Chouest OffshoreCommander3202017
North AmericanEdison Chouest OffshoreCouragous3212017
North AmericanEdison Chouest OffshoreContender3242017
Gulf shipEdison Chouest OffshoreElrington3152017
Gulf shipEdison Chouest OffshoreLatouche3162017
Gulf shipEdison Chouest OffshoreBainbridge3172017
Gulf shipEdison Chouest OffshoreIngot3182017
Tampa shipEdison Chouest Offshore3092017
Tampa shipEdison Chouest Offshore3112017
Tampa shipEdison Chouest Offshore3122017
Tampa shipEdison Chouest Offshore3142017
Kleven verftMaerskMinder3852017
Kleven verftMaerskMobiliser3842017
Kleven verftMaerskMaster3832017
Kleven verftNKTVictoria3722017
Ulstein Verft ASPrivate YacthOlivia O3072017
Myklebust VerftUK Fisheries LimitedKirkella3962017
Myklebust VerftCompagnie des Peches Saint-Malo & EURONOREmeraude3952017
Myklebust VerftDeutsche Fischfang-Union GMBH & Co. KGBerlin3932017
Myklebust VerftDeutsche Fischfang-Union GMBH & Co. KGCuxhaven3922017
Kleven VerftGitte Henning ASGitte Henning3942017
Kleven verftMaerskMariner3822016
Dakota Creek IndustriesFishermen's FinestAmerica's Finest632016
Dakota Creek IndustriesBlue North Fisheries IncBlue North622016
SimekAntares Fishing CompanyAntares1322016
Sembcorp MarineEquinorJohan Castberg2019
LeirvikStatoilJohan Sverdrup LQ2018
LeirvikStatoilGina Krogh LQ2018
HertelStatoilAasta Hansten LQ2017
LeirvikStatoilIvar Aasen LQ2017
Samsung Heavy Ind, KoreaStatoilMartin Linge Topside2016
CKT MarineStatoilAasta Hansteen LQ2016
Hyundai Heav y Ind.StatoilAasta Hansteen Topside2016
DSME, KoreaStatoilGina Krog Topside2015
Mustang, SMOEDet NorskeIvar Aasen Topside2015
Nantong CoscoDana PetroleumN 4872015
Nantong CoscoAxis OffshoreN 500 & N 5032014
Apply LeirvikDet NorskeIvar Aasen LQ2014
Apply LeirvikStatoilGina Krog LQ2014
Iemants, BelgiumDong EnergyGodewind2014